Express success-structure concern

The new version of DVDFab (full disc) handled the backup of this title. I processed through Shrink, used Imgburn, & it seems to work fine including all menus, etc.
It does show an odd DVD structure in Shrink however. Again, seems to play and work fine but the movie is in the unreferenced folder rather than main movie. it would make it more difficult to apply custom editing/compression or use the Deep Analysis and so forth.

Anyone else run in to this? (In Shrink anyway)

Did you try running it through FixVts & then open in Dvd Shrink? Make sure you only check the top 2 boxes, so That FixVts creates a backup.

Yes, actually I run every DVD through FixVTS (full DVD) every time. I should have mentioned that, sorry.
I believe on this one that I removed some warning screens, previews, & logos too in PgcEdit.

This one worked however. I did this using RipIt4Me too and got similar results with some extra tweaking but was unable to get it to play correctly after burning. It did process fine in Shrink too however.

I’ll try this one again just for fun using just FAB, Fix, & Shrink and see how that opens. I’m not complaining and the DVD works, just has an odd structure as the image in post #1 shows. Interesting to learn how these things happen and how they work. :bigsmile:

This is especially unusual because one of the main attributes of using FixVTS is that it is suppose to REMOVE unreferenced material and blank cells. One of the best applications for DVD processing ever invented in my opinion…

Okay, did The Express over again using;
DVDFab - Full Disc>ran entire DVD through FixVTS>opened in Shrink and below is the result.
This FAB version works but something is not quite right yet looks like. Could be a number of things.

BTW - this is R1 widescreen