I read a post on another forum stating Express would hang up while finalizing so since I had not tried this version I told him that I would check it out. I just burned a movie using Express and only thing that stopped it was Panda AV because Express was trying to connect to internet when it was complete. When I click off the AV it finalized. I know Express checks for updates at beginning but I disabled that because it never worked completely. Anyone had this happen with Express


I had it happen with Gold on 1st burn. I just deny it access and everything is fine.

That is what I thought, just wanted to confirm. Maybe this update got this feature close to working the way it was suppose too.


Yeah, similar experience here. Have had quite a few notices that fab is trying to connect…I just deny access…no problems. Last week tho’, was 5:00 am, doing my usual sleep walk - getting ready for work - found a “finalizing screen” (ran a copy when I went to sleep the night before), anyway, 15 minutes later the prompt is still there, so like an idiot I just closed the application. The disc ended up being a coaster…totally stupid and my fault…hopefully next time, I’ll actually be awake. This is the only hang I’ve experienced.