Exporting tracks from Yamaha MD8 on data discs

Are the files of md data discs transferrable to pc?
I am going to buy a yamaha MD8 (multitrack recorder). The recorderd music is stored on an md data disc. I want to get that music on my pc.
But I don’t find any solid answer to my question.
These are the things I was thinking about:
-is an md data disc the same as a normal md, (size, format), and if so, can it be placed in an minidisc deck (that is connected to pc via SPDIF, and that I have)?
-Sony MD Data MDH-10 : this seems to be a kind of drive for md data discs, but it is’nt sold anymore, and I can’t find an old one nowhere.
-the MD8 itself cannot be digitally connected to a pc…I think…

maybe I am totally studpid and is there a simple way to transfer the data from md data to pc…but please let me know.

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Unfortunately an MD data disc will not play in an audio MD machine.

The standard MDH-10 can read and write to MD data discs that have been formatted with its own filing system (MDFS). It can play audio MDs, but is not able to copy the audio MD tracks.

Looking at the operation and audio edit resolution of the MD8, it appears to write its tracks as audio information rather than MDFS data, and therefore I would guess a standard MDH-10 cannot be used to transfer the tracks to PC.

Finally, the MD8 mixing stage is analogue, so there would be no point in providing a digital output.

i see:(, i guessed that would be not possible.
So actually there is no way to convert the data discs to (pc) and cd…

I think it is unlikely - although a modified MDH-10 might be able to do it. These can copy audio tracks but we don’t know for certain that the MD8 stores the multi-tracking information as audio tracks and fragments.

The only sure and much less expensive way is to capture 2 tracks at a time by stereo connection to a PC soundcard.

yeh, i know a pc can handle it. But i saw it this way: when you don’t have a laptop (have one…:)), or don’t want to carry all of it with you when recording on a random place, I guessed it would be easy to just use the MD8, and then later put it on pc. Btw, the pc would not be able to record 8 different tracks at a time. So, I think, maybe there should be an connection at the MD8 for audio out so it can be transferred later the analogue way (it is not digital, I know)

Still hoping for the one great answer/solution:p

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[quote=rifslie;2075313]Still hoping for the one great answer/solution.[/quote]This is probably your best bet:


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