Exporting to Nero Digital in NeroVision Express 3



Hi, Can anybody answer the following:-

On page 76 of the NeroVision Express User Manual the options for exporting the movie are DVD, SVCD, VCD, Custom, DV, Email and NERO DIGITAL.

Also, even on the NeroVision Express 2 Infosheet on the Nero Website, it says under the Export Video heading:-
mpeg-1, mpeg-2, avi, NERO DIGITAL files.

My version of NVE3 is (i.e the latest version).
In the Export Video screen it does NOT include the option to export to NERO DIGITAL.

I contacted Nero using the new support hotline number on their website and they said I should uninstall all my nero programs, use the cleantools and then download the latest 4 update packs.

I did this, but STILL I have NO option to export to NERO DIGITAL.

Is my NVE3 program correct NOT to have the option to export a movie to NERO DIGITAL??


Also, is it correct that NVE3 only captures to AVI & NOT NERO DIGITAL as stated on the NVE2 Infosheet under the Capture in Realtime heading?


Make sure you have full version of NeroVision Express3 not NeroVersion Express3SE. This SE version is for OEM and doesn’t have all the plug-in that full version has.


Thanks for the post, but I originally purchased Nero 6 in February from a high street retailer (i.e the FULL version). However, when you install again (which I did a few days ago) from fresh from the 4 packs from their web site (i.e not from my original CD) you have to enter your serial number again into NVE3 to regain your FULL up to date version (i.e unlock the ‘demo’ so to speak). THIS I DID! so now I no longer get the Demo dialog box appear, but as I mentioned before I do not have the option to export to NERO DIGITAL.
Please can somebody tell me whether their up to date versions show the option to export to NERO DIGITAL or whether the manual is plain wrong.
If the manual was wrong why didn’t Nero tell me this when I phoned them instead of telling me to uninstall, clean and reinstall the 4 packs.
I can’t keep phoning them at 80p per minute.
Please can I have some opinions.