Exporting Movies from Daewoo DH-6105d

Recently I bought a new system (mainly to be able to watch in HD). The hard drive in the new system is larger, faster etc.

There are however several movies on the old Daewoo that I’d like to keep.

Is there a way to transfer the movies from the Daewoo, hopefully to an external Hard drive I could watch from either the new system or from a computer. Transferring via individual DVD’s is something I’m hoping to avoid.

It’s a Daewoo HDD/DVD recorder (DH-6105d), with an 80GB Western Digital Caviar Enhanded IDE Hard drive (WD800)

I’ve tried mounting the hard drive in an external case, but Windows is unable to see the filing system (seen in Disk Management, but only option given is to initialize it, with I believe will lead to partitioning and loss of all data).