Exported Nero projects look like hell. Help!

I wasn’t happy with my Nero and was planning on getting a new editing software (bought Sony since then). I exported all the Nero projects I was working on to files on my computer so I could import these files into Sony for further editing.

The problem is, the exported files look horrible. They are very cloudy and grainy. Is there a way to fix this by maybe rerendering them in Sony Vegas?

Any help would be great as having to recreate these projects from scratch would be depressing.

Most likely this is an issue with your output settings. But without knowing more details about what you are doing it’s impossible to say. If your output files are MPEG2, try playing them in WMP and see how they look.

Assuming you are talking about Nero VisionExpress, there’s no reason you shouldn’t be getting good quality MPEG from it.

They were all exported as NeroMediaPlayer media files.

That’s your trouble, most likely. Export as MPEG-2 with appropriate quality settings… Or, just create your DVD in Nero. While Nero VisionExpress is not much of an editor, you should be able to get good quality video from it.