Export speed of DVD Remake?



I have been quite happy using PGCedit with VobBlanker, but since I use them no more often than once every month or so, I have to re-learn all the features every time – a bit of a pain – though excellent in operation! I recently happened on DVD Remake Pro and I find it so user-friendly, at least in the simple mode, that I was thinking of buying it.

However, a few recent Threads in this forum have raised the issue of the time taken to Export, especiall on Vista! This got me thinking.

I have a recent version of XP (dual CPU and 2 GB) and was hoping that Export DVD would take much the same time as PGCedit (quick since it affects only the IFOs) plus the time to Process in VobBlanker, maybe 2-3 minutes, for retaining only the main movie and a few menus and leaving out all the extras, etc.

Why would DVD Remake Pro take any longer?
Surely it does much the same thing as PGCedit & VobBlanker?

Any one able to comment?

Thanks in advance.


Probably it will take a bit longer when doing a full export, but you can’t really compare with PgcEdit and VobBlanker’s export functionality. These 3 programs are written in different programming languages and uses a different set of libraries. There are pros and cons in each app as you may already find out.

The export speed also depends on your HD speed, cache, CPU, and RAM. If you export to a different physical drive and both the source and destination folders are each in a Raptor drive, you’ll notice the export speed is considerably faster.

It also depends on how much edit you have done in DvdReMake Pro. With the main movie and menus it should take only a few minutes, of course it depends on how big (size) the movie and the menus are.

The advantage of using DvdReMake Pro is that it combines the main common tasks of PgcEdit and VobBlanker, besides having user-friendly interface, and supports multi-angle DVD. I’d like to add there are some very useful functions in PgcEdit and VobBlanker that I’d love to see added in DvdReMake Pro. And there are some useful functions in DvdReMake Pro that PgcEdit and VobBlanker do not have.


PgcEdit is a IFO file editor - as such, it is extremely fast as it typically does nothing to VOBs. DVDRMP full export must write a whole set of VOBs. Modified Export only exports modified files, so if you’re working on menus or just one VTS, it can be quick (but you have to cut andpaste the files back into your project folder).



I had asked about the speed with DVD Remake because there were concerns expressed on Forums, especially about Vista, so, since it does things differently than the combo PGCedit + VobBlanker I was wondering whether it was much slower than this combo for XP.

Since I raised this question, I have learned more about PGCedit and have decided to concentrate on it instead (with VobBlanker).