Export/import CSS Keys

this has probably been asked a 1001 times but how do you export your CSS keys from one computer to another, i have just got a new computer and want to export all my CSS keys on the other computer to my new one.

any ideas?


I don’t know, I don’t see any obvious folder under programs in windows explorer. Maybe the keys can be found in windows registry.

But You don’t really need to import the keys. AnyDVD will decrypt virtually any movie even if the Key feature is turned off or empty (like when you first installed it).

The only reason AnyDVD stores the keys from your movie originals is that when you want to back up a movie for the second time, it will cut the decrypting time from approx 10 seconds to maybe 3 seconds. Big deal right?

Once in a great while you will get a movie that stumps AnyDVD in which case it may try to use the closest available match from another movie’s key in the “key repository” but rather than trust a guess, I just wait a day or two for Slysoft to issue a new version release that resolves that particular CSS problem. While I’m waiting, I do, afterall, have the original to play. I just don’t let the kids touch the original … they only get to handle the backups.

Right click the root of the CSS key tree in AnyDVD. Export it. Read the context sensitive help for details. Importing is done with regedit.