Export cdtext to id3?

Hi, I’ve got a handful of compiled cd’s that I’d like to rip to hard disc in .aiff format, but just the cdtext song title is being included with each song file. Is there a way to add the other data (ie, album, year, artist, genre) so players such as iTunes will display that info? without typing, of course.

I can use a mac or pc, but up until now I’ve been using iTunes to rip my stock cd’s; iTunes will download the data as part of the ripping process, but since I’ve compiled these particular cd’s, the album info isn’t there for iTunes to identify the songs and the original album.



If you use something like Tag&Rename on the ripped files, there’s a CDDB/Amazon lookup facility based on the song titles themselves rather than the disc ID.

This works for .mp3 but I’m not sure about .aiff. Does that format support id3 tags…?

are you asking the me or the forum? if me, i don’t know…

I was asking you. :wink: A couple of minutes Googling shows that AIFF files will support some tagged information, but it isn’t designed for recording the sort of information that id3 tags do. So probably Tag & Rename wouldn’t work.

I suggest you consider converting the AIFF files to FLAC or Apple lossless which will undoubtedly support the tagging you need. For converting, finding CD tracklists, and filling the tags automatically, you could try Max:


…which looks like a pretty good all-in-one solution (Mac only, I think). Looks like it will even slot the files into iTunes for you.