Explosions Reported at Building Housing PayPal

San Jose, Calif. – San Jose firefighters Tuesday night responded to reports of explosions from within a four-story building in San Jose that has also drawn responses from a bomb squad and a hazardous materials team.

The fire department responded to the building at 2211 North 1st St. at 7:31 p.m. after being contacted by the building’s private alarm company that some windows were broken and several explosions may have occurred inside.

According to San Jose Fire Department Capt. Jose Guerrero there were no obvious signs of fire, but it appears there was a haze coming from inside of the building and several windows had been blown out.

Firefighters have ordered the evacuation of the building and members of the bomb squad and the hazardous materials team are going through the structure, according to Guerrero.

With a proper customer service, this might not have happened.

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Paypal stole my money

Someone stole my details from paypal … and created a diversion while they ran away …