Explorer wont recognize blank cd media

i have what i am assuming to be a somewhat old cdrw drive. it is an lg gce 852. i installed it into my pc running windows xp home sp3. plug and play found it and it works fine for playing cds, installing software, using software, etc. if i wanted to burn a cd through a program like windows media player, i can do that too.

the problem is, when i look at the cd drive in explorer, it starts off saying

CD-RW drive D:

but when i insert a blank disk, it reads the disk, changes to

CD drive D:

and when i try to view it or drag and drop files into it i get either the message “D:\ is not accessible, incorrect function” or, “please insert a disk into drive D:”. what is really strange is that i can get one of two errors instead of just one, compounding my frustration and making this even more mysterious.

i am using, or trying to use, a regular 52x cd-r. this is only a problem in windows explorer, other programs seem to be able to detect that there is writable media in the drive. i have looked for another driver online but cant find anything that looks like an official lg driver and i’m wary of running strange .exes. i’ve also used device manager to try and update the driver but it wouldnt look online and i’m not sure how to make it try.

any ideas from the pros here? :confused: thanks! :slight_smile:

There’s definetly no driver for your PNP GCE-852X drive for Win95 thru XP (acording to your manual, unless you run Win3.11 or dos). If you have Easy CD Creator, Nero or such burning software tools, I recommand using it since it grants you more control.