Explorer won't read cdr

i have a problem.

my pc, with a pioneer A05/105 won’t read a cd rom in windows explorer burnt with nero 6 on another pc . i can access the files through nero on my pc and explorer on numerous others.

what gives?

Is this only when your reading cd’s burned with nero 6 ?

appears to be yes to that donfrabrizio, as far as this is the first time i have used a cd done with nero 6.

However the problem is know fixed with a complete xp reinstall? i have never heard of explorer not reading a good cd and then ok after a reinstall, considering that the pc was fine up untill this moment.

before reinstalling xp tried diferent drives, reinstalled nero 5 and 6, still no good.

my drive in anoter pc was ok.

had to be xp!

very wierd.