Explorer won't forget UDF disc labels




I got an annoying problem with UDF discs. Whenever I eject one from a drive (also happens with virtual drives and disc images) the volume label is not reset to “DVD Drive” or “DVD-RW Drive”. Moreover it sometimes renders this drive unusable, so when I insert another disc into it, it will still behave like there’s none inserted.

I hope it’s not a flaw in udfs.sys, and hopefully I only have to edit the registry, or maybe turn Autorun back on…?


Oh nevermind, it’s working again. I had Media Change Notification messages disabled, because Feurio once set the AutoRun DWORD to 0x00… and changes to AutoRun, NoDriveAutoRun and NoDriveTypeAutoRun all need a damn restart to take effect. :frowning: