Explorer adding web-shortcuts to desktop

Does anybody know why I keep getting web shortcuts added to my desktop? This only happens the first time I open IE each day. I think its some kind of Adware problem because the same shortcuts appear day after day for several days and then they change and the new ones appear day after day (I deleted then everyday). (The current ones are ‘Napsters Back’, Name a star after your Mom!’ and ‘Fight your speeding tickets’).

Yesterday I downloaded and ran Webroot ‘Spy Sweeper’, (and updated the definitions) which found and deleted a few things, but today the shortcuts appears.

It’s really starting to annoy me, software shouldn’t be allowed to do this without being called a virus! (I’m running Norton AV with the latest definitions).

Thanks for an help!

I think you’d better download AdAware to clean your system.

Go to www.lavasoftusa.com and download this great program (for free ofcourse ;))

Yea, most def ad-aware, and check the cookies setting you accept in preferences in security. Try raising the level. Or block all cookies and allow only certain ones from websites you visit daily. Thats what I do and I noticed ad-aware went from finding like 30something tracking and crap bugs to like 3 or 4. Also to get a fresh start delete all cookies you have now and offline files. Just remember those passwords…hehehe

For the best, use IE only when you need to, and use an alternative browser as primary.

I hardly use IE anymore (only for sites that do not work with Opera or Mozilla).

Downloadewd Ad-aware and it found 7 adware/spyware (IgetNet - which I though Id removed, and netpalnow) files - Even thou Spy Sweeper found nothing.

Opened IE this morning and no new shortcuts :slight_smile:

Thanks for you help…