Exploiting display properties of large and flat monitors

Hello Everyone. I wish to open up a discussion which I think could be useful to many power users. Consider a 19" flat monitor. The purpose is twofold, to get the maximum amount of information on the screen and to have the display quality as high as possible so that eye strain is minimized. For this I select the highest possible resolution 1280x1024, which raises the display quality, but makes everything smaller. To balance this handicap, I raise the DPI to 200% of normal and select large fonts. This combination seems to give a balanced and ideal solution, but not always. Some sites give quite bad displays whatever I do. An example is the NVIDIA home site. Also some software especially like Adobe Photo elements are not possible to control through Windows display controls. Are there users experiencing similar problems? What other measures would you undertake to get well-balanced good quality displays with large information estate in different software types and websites. Thanks in advance to everyone who will come up with proposals.