Explain why I copy on the fly faster than to HD first

I have a Plextor 24x with firmware 1.02 and I can’t seem to copy games as fast as I should. Using Mitsui and Taiko Yuden 24x certified disks, I read Max Payne an SD2 disk in 5:05 min. and write it in 5:48 min. I also have DMA enabled.

Tonight however, I tried it on the fly and I completed the entire copy in 7:48 min.

I thought it would be slower on the fly if it worked at all since I have the reader and the burner on the same ide channel.

What I’d really like is to improve my write speed when copying the game image from my hard drive to disk. Any suggestions?:confused:

I noticed you mentioned you have DMA enabled, now do you have it enabled for both the cdrw and the HD?

No not my hard drive. I never even thought of doing that. I guess by your post that it is something I should try. I just checked and it gave me a warning of serious consequences and to check with my manufacturer. I guess I will give it a try.

Thanks…if my computer implodes, I will not be able to tell you if it worked or not <g>.:rolleyes:

Yes, you are the best. I enabled DMA on my hard drive and copied Max Payne to my hard drive in 2:46 minutes and burned it to disk in 3:58 minutes. Absolutley delightful. Made my night.

Thank you.:slight_smile:

good to hear KenL …enjoy