Explain to me why Clone CD is soooo great

All this wanking about clone cd, bleg…

Why is it so important to copy a CD 1:1 when a CDRWIN iso, just works as well. You only need to copy a little crack… Wow big deal…

So explain why everyone is so fixated on coyping all games 1:1…
(I don’t mean to be aggresive, I just don’t understand why it’s so great.)


JunKX AKA [-JX-]

1:1 copys is like a hollygrale :slight_smile:
its also better when there are officall updates,patches who not always works on a cracked copy…

That is not true… RDJ… Just look on www.gamecopyworld.com… There you find alot of patches that do work with cracked games. Or new cracks to use with the updated version(s)… (www.isonews.com is also a good one, information only, NO DOWNLOAD)

But i said the offical patches dont work on cracked games.
Already knowed those 2 sites they are on my daily visiting list :slight_smile:

1:1 is preffered for most people. First of all a crack is illegal, also if you want to make a backup, a 1:1 copy as far as we know is not.

Cracks need to be found, put on the CD and it modifies data, a 1:1 copy is also called a perfect copy, which probably says enough.

It’s more a challenge to create a 1:1 copy then to find a crack, download it and apply it.

When a new game comes out, i just download the iso, in wich a crack is already burned with the iso, so i don’t need to search for it… Crack is illegal, indeed… So are CloneCD iso’s… I don’t believe that every CD that you copied with Clone CD that you have in you’re CD rack is a LEGAL 1:1 copy…

Am I right or wrong ?


Perhaps this is a shock to you all, but the Digital Millenium Copyright Act does not allow even a copy for personal backup anymore… (it is SEC. 302. ‘LIMITATIONS ON EXCLUSIVE RIGHTS; COMPUTER PROGRAMS’ you should read)

There is a distinction between Audio and Software in this matter…

But this discussion (about legality) has been held previously in the following topic:
Law in the U.S.

CLONE cd : name says it all…

Originally posted by RDJ
But i said the offical patches dont work on cracked games.
Already knowed those 2 sites they are on my daily visiting list :slight_smile:

Same here, but after working with Clone CD and getting a Plex writer and a Philips writer (for SD2) I stopped visiting www.gamecopyworld.com and www.isonews.com.
Now I just rent game CD’s at the public library or the CD rental shops and copy 'em with Clone CD… Much more elegant.

Of course I know how to copy disks. Where’s the xerox machine?

Why is it great?? hmm the reasons are there.

  1. You dont have to wait for a crack. It can be a pain in the ass looking for a crack. Diablo 2 was a example of this. I waited over 2 weeks for one.

  2. Less trouble if it is going to work. Many of the forum members are running windows 2000 and cracks dont always work with win2k, it seems that they leave a funny taste in win2k’s mouth.

  3. Viruses. Some ass could have put one of those nasty critters inside.

Cracks do not always work. I was someone who used Nero, blind read, and disc dump to make copies, and if there was a crack needed I would using. But Cracks do some times carry viruses, do not work with patches (unless the patch has been cracked), also cracks do not always work (as with startopia). I am going so far as to buy a new Acer 1610A cdrw (that can be used by clone cd to make 1:1 compies) for only $91.00 us. As far as I know that is a good price.