Explain to a newbie

Why is it bad to remove an internal HDD from a laptop whilst its on standby mode?

Tried searching the new for the answer; I know what i might be looking for is more of common-sense (possible data loss and electricution) but Im just wondering if is there any other underlying reasons why.

Thank you for the help.
Trolling and e-peen stroking need not reply.


Because this device is still under POWER!!!

Chef, but if I do it while standing in my shower, wouldn’t that be OK? I’ve often found the PCP boards and computer cards to be excellent peanut butter spreaders, too, although I believe “nutty peanut butter” makes re-insertion of cards a bit more difficult. Frankly, I’d think creaming up all the connectors with smooth peanut butter, or maybe olive oil, would make things fit even better!

I know honey’s not so great after a while, especially if the computer’s left off and the honey’s allowed to gel again, around fans, etc. But won’t the ants help clean that out eventually?

He should try that under power and will crawling back to what I already said: it’s madness to do so under power except there is a bay in the drive for this purpose…