Explain this mystery cdr reading problem?



I have overburnt mp3 files without any problems to the following cdr media

Cdr brand: HICO 90min cdr
Software: Nero 6.
Windows: Xp Pro SP2

Main computer: Amd XP2600+
Nec 466 scsi cdrom
LG 4160B dvd/rw

Secondary Machine: Intel P3-1000
Pioneer 109D dvd-rw
Pioneer 116 dvd reader

Problem is all the cd’s I have burnt work fine on my main machine.

except 2 of the overburnt discs work fine on my main machine etc but don’t work properly in my secondary machine.

they Don’t read in pioneer dvd reader
Are really slow in my pioneer dvd rw drive but eventualy pop up.

All other cds burnt work on all computers, xbox and pioneer car mp3 head unit I own.

Even tried reburning the cds but they still had exactly the same problems.
Don’t understand why the 2 cdrs in question work on one computer fine but not on my other computer?


Discs are way over the normal specs for CD media, that explains it, I think.

Older drives doesn’t know such “oversized” non-standard media and refuse to read them…


Not true The older drive handles most of my overburnt cds fine.

I suspect there must be some incompatable files as the dvd reader don’'t like the cds but the newest dvdr 109 works slowly on 2 suspect cds.

All cd’s overburnt exactly the same way with nero using 90min certified media,

I know the pioneer dvd burners do not support overburn but they have no problem reading overburnt cdr made on other computers.


I wrote “most older drives”, I didn’t wrote “your specific older drive”.

It’s all relative.

Nero - I wouldn’t use that for AUDIO CDs ever.