Explain Schtrom360extract



I have Version 3.2 and I can use the program when there are no problems with a disc.

I am wondering if someone can explain the different option you can select.

  1. Whole disc (Stealth extreme 3.0) - This seems to work without any problems

  2. Whole disc (Blank extreme 2.0) - when I get an error on using (Stealth extreme 3.0) I am told to use “Whole disc (Blank extreme 2.0)” Extraction style and to inject the video.iso later.

I have looked for tut. but can’t find any on this, how many extraction styles are there with this program?

How or when do I extract the video now to inject later?

I sure someone is gonna ask, what game am I trying to back-up


okay there is a new version out that will do crackdown no problem i had a problem with that game too and used this method crackdown this will explain some methods like extracting ss numbers etc :cool: but as i say the new version of xbox backup creator and schtrom have no problems :bow:

im also currently working on some new stuff like better explanations but having the time lately is hard :sad:


Hey Simple,

I have been busy and I have not had a chance to tell you thank you for your reply and help. At first backing up was not working for me, but I have figured out all of my problem and now I can back-up with no problem. Actually it’s pretty silly as to why I was having issues. I was using Kreon firmware 0.80 and since upgrading to 0.81 everything is running fine, Also I was using “SS Merger 1.7” and not “SS Merger 1.7b”.


hey hamp :slight_smile:

there is no need to use ss merger… if using a kreon drive and schtrom or xbox backup creator


NOW! When I use Kreon Drive(firmware 0.81) and/or Schtrom or XBC, I don’t need to use SS Merger. I was just stating that I had all the wrong things installed, even the wrong SS Merger. I had all older firmware and older version of software.


cool… have fun gaming:D