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I’m looking to buy an internal BluRay-Burner and I’m going through all your burn tests like there’s no tomorrow :bow:

LG has me a bit confused… firstly, the newest internal model available here in Germany is the BH10LS38. Now, on Amazon JP I’ve seen a model number as high as BH14NS48. Retail/OEM apart - is there any explanation what the two numbers mean? Or anywhere I could compare features of all models?

Thanks a bunch in advance!

Update: Ok, looks like the first number is the max BD-R burn speed… DUH


All of the LG BH/WH 10/12 drives use the same Renesas chipset and have been good burners. They can even be crossflashed back and forth between models, my WH10LS30 has spent time as a BH10LS30, WH12LS30, WH12LS39, and a few others :).

Starting with the WH14, LG changed to a Mediatek chipset. It is a distinctly different drive.

I recommend looking at the quality scans of the media you are most likely to use in the BH/WH10 threads and compare with those in the WH14 thread to get an idea which might be a better choice for you.

Thanks for your answer! There aren’t many Verbatim HTL scans as of yet in the BH14NS40 thread, which is what I’d probably use. The one that’s been made doesn’t look that convincing… on the other hand it seems to handle Sony nicely. I’d like to see some scans of LTH media, which is where the 2011 and older models fall a bit flat, usually.

LG will likely be releasing the BH16NS40 soon since Buffalo & IO Data have announced their derivatives.

So, basically I could also get the new Buffalo which would be a clone? Is it around the same price and what is it called?

The Buffalo version is BRXL-16FBS, which is a clone of the BH16NS40. It’s up to your region on pricing, but shouldn’t be too different.

Thanks for all the infos guys, this is a great community!
I’ve found the Buffalo here:
It’s a bit weird that both SATA and USB 3.0 appear in the product description. So, which burner would you go for (or deem sufficient) from these three:

Buffalo BRXL-16FBS (internal SATA + USB 3.0?) ~150€
LG BH14NS48 (internal SATA) ~70€
LG BE12LU38 (external eSATA/USB 2.0) ~115
(all prices without shipping)

I don’t need specifically need Lightscribe, and would adapt my media to the drive, not the other way around.

The BRXL-16FBS is an internal SATA drive.
The BRXL-16U3 is an external drive with USB 3.0 support.

These are the I-O Data clones:
BRD-S16X: internal SATA
BRD-UT16X: external USB 3.0

I personally like internal drives. No one in this forum has gotten the 16x (yet), so there aren’t any results to compare with. But if it’s similar to 14x, then is its 2x cost justifiable?

Yup, those weren’t copy/pastes… they are offers from various sites which I manually wrote down since those were the devices that appealed to me most.

Update: Hang on, I wanted to reply to _chef… now his post is gone :sad:

Update: Hang on, I wanted to reply to _chef… now his post is gone :sad:[/QUOTE]

Made a mistake. It’s back. :wink:

Finally I’m going for the BH14NS48 which I have to get from Japan because it’s not available in Europe.

Why not this one?

LG BE14NU40 Retail 12 x 16 / 8 / 8 USB 2.0, USB 3.0

Those never popped up during my search… you can’t order what you don’t know :slight_smile:

[QUOTE=YouKnowWho;2667839]Those never popped up during my search… [B]you can’t order what you don’t know[/B] :)[/QUOTE]

Maybe that counts for you…

Have fun with your new dishwasher :slight_smile: