Experts warn about SSD security risks

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As Solid State Drives (SSDs) gradually replace hard disks over the coming years, particularly in laptops, security experts are warning about the additional security risks of using SSDs. It…

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I don’t see the bad thing about ones data being SAFE and can be recovered :slight_smile: But i do see the bad thing in using password on a private pc. :stuck_out_tongue:

The first risk is the same as regular hard drives so I don’t see how it needs warning actually I think it’s a lot easier then you think. If your using a ssd like goes in your sata slot then your oh so much more vulnerable then you think. If the chip is soldered as part of an mp3 player then your still pretty safe cause most people in the world don’t have the intelligence or technology to circumvent such obsticals. The second one is kinda worriesome but most people don’t swipe there content anyway and if they did this important information should be encrypted since it seems your so important that someone is actually looking for said information.

Most security experts agree that both SSDs and other recordable media can be effectively erased with thermite (

OK, that last one definitely deserved a LOL.

How exactly would this be different than reallocated sectors on existing platter hard drives?

I assume that there would be at least some residual data on those as well.

Understand of course that a low-level would wipe those too, but that’s no different than their suggestion for SSD, no?

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