Experts say now it's the time to buy HDTV



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Consumer Reports rates the HDTV market by comparing 101 plasma, LCD and rear-projection models. In its March issue Conumer Reports touts HDTV quality and states that prices will continue to drop.

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Now it’s time to buy, well, . Considering Laser-TV to hit the market within the next few month I think it would be nonsense to buy at the moment. Laser-TV will be able to show 95% of the colors that are noticable by a human. LCD and Plasma can show 45%. Laser-TV pricing will be at a similar level as better LCD and Plasmas.
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Here in the U.S., there is a writers strike… There is nothing but reality TV shows… That translates to nothing worth watching on TV… I’m interested in HD, but whats the point right now. No thanks.


I get annoyed with most LCD’s because of the color gamut. I ALWAYS notice the banding issues on color gradation. It’s horrible. Plus LCD’s show up the artefacts in SD digital signals that don’t use enough bandwidth. Horrid. I also am waiting on a better technology. Laser TV might address these shortcomings. Plasma would be fine but even with the improvements made on it it still suffers from things like image burn and noise and heat issues. OLED is still in it’s infancy and expensive right now. SED is not even off the drawing board even though it could be made if there was some commitment. I am not convinced.


If I were to buy a HDTV, it would be a Pioneer 110FD. The reviews and specs on this Plasma TV is just amazing. Pioneer has set a new standard when it came out wih this TV late last year. By the way, most plasma TVs have a orbital now that prevents burn in. Also, it is advised to watch 4:3 TV stretched or any widesceen could get burn in but it is still fixable in most cases. @Sithtracy Your right bud. There is nothing to watch on TV worth a crap. I was looking forward to 24 but sad now due to strike and Keefer serving jail time.


Yeah, HDTV is junk. You’re better off watching TV shows on DVD.