Experts: rampant piracy demands new strategies for 21st century

I just posted the article Experts: rampant piracy demands new strategies for 21st century.

GristyMcFisty reports that at this
week’s APEC (Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation) leaders summit, experts are
saying that governments and businesses need to rethink their…

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“(The) biggest challenge is how to tackle the new piracy possiblities brought about by the advent of the Internet,” He should go on to say it is hampering the labels piracy of the consumer by causing price cuts. :wink: The only thing I see traded is Mp3 and other lossy codecs. Start producing a product that is too large to download i.e. the enhanced DVD albums or DVD-a or SACD with video and surround sound and then you don’t have to worry about it. They need to get away from the phonograph and needle stereo days and wake up and smell the coffee. There is so much that can be offered to the consumer now. Just my 2 cents. :B

I asked my class of grade 6 children how many had used or own pirated movies/cds… 25 out of 27 said yes. Families cannot afford to go to the movies or purchase full price games and DVDs. As a society the masses react by decriminalising its opinion on piracy. Captialism, you have to love it.

Why didn’t you ask your grade six children how many stole food to survive…and then debate the morality of that crime…classroom psychiatrists you gotta love them…:X