Experts PLZ help w/ Lite-On read problems

Hello Friends

I have lite-on combo LTC-48161H. This drive works great several days ago. But suddenly, the drive read sluggishly any type of disk ranging from regular cd musics to DVD movies.

I notice that the drive take much more time to load. And when I eject the disk. THE DISK IS STILL SPINNING and eject at the same time. In addition, when the drive reads, weird noises can be heard. Does anyone know what’s going on?


I have not added any new hardware nor software. Therefore, no conflicted…

Check your DMA settings…

DMA mode is normal…ULTRA DMA MODE 3

any suggestion???

If you loaded any software in the last couple days you may want to look into that, but, have you considered cleaning the laser? Get a cleaning disk and try that. Dust will play havoc with reading.

I did cleaning it too. But it was futile!