Experts pls help me

i am new to burning dvd’s. i have seen plently of dvdr in markets with 3 movies in one dvdr (sometimes 5 movies) all in reasonable good quality. i would like to know how it is performed.
i have few avi movies and would like to put atleast 3 movies in one dvdr. is there any software available to do this? i have tried dvd santa but the software stops in the middle during conversion.
so pls let me know the easiest method and the software that help in doing the above task.
thanking you in anticipation

Well if DVD Santa stops in the middle that’s one problem, unrelated to the types of DVD you’re seeing. :slight_smile:

The answer to your other question is… that the movies are encoded at half-D1, with compressed audio. Some people think this is fine quality, others don’t. But these discs are pretty much guaranteed to work in your DVD player, and can hold around 4 hours.

Also these discs MIGHT be SVCD-DVD’s, where the video is encoded at SVCD quality, and the headers are fudged to make DVD players play them. The problem with THESE discs (which as you pointed out can typically hold 3+ movies) is that they aren’t universally compatible with DVD players, in fact the compatibility rate is more like 60%. :frowning:

You can try freeware AVItoDVD Located Here.

thanks Gurm and feedback10k. I would like to work on my needs. I dont really want very high quality movies but would rather like to save some reasonable quality movies in one disc to save my hard disc space.
ok Gurm, how to make SVCD - DVD’s and how to make them read in my DVD (my DVD player samsung also plays SVCD). Pls help me mate. Meanwhile I will try the software AVItoDVD.