Experts meet in fight against cybercrime

I just posted the article Experts meet in fight against cybercrime.


Top Internet experts from the world’s richest countries met on Tuesday to forge new approaches in the battle against growing cyber crime but acknowledged they…

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i was here first. why? because i can ! hehehe vinny rules!!

Dont u think its time u give up on these childish games or whatever u call it. I’ve been here loads of time first and im sure other have but how is it relevant to cd’s, and burning ?

You know something RISC some people never learn !
Even Vinny gave this I am first crap up!

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Hey dingdong
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Although they want to do something about hacking. Im sure that theyll never reach their purpose. Because the securitypeople will develop their knowledge about security but either the hackers become more smart.

I think there´s something wrong with CDfreaks. All the postings in the previous news have been deleted!

I guess some people here have just discovered internet and forums … so they find it very exciting to post news first… WOW WHAT A LIFE !!

dingdong: Cut the crap. You’re right about one thing (yes I do rule ) but the fun’s over

Totally agreed with R1SC and PaRaDoX

R0bby: That’s called moderating.

He he ze krijgen het eindelijk door dat internet gevaarlijk is
Look at this: