Experts advice me

Let’s do this once and so May be mods would stick it later… Which is the best DVD-Writer for average use with backing up my games as well. Furthermore, which DVD ROM to buy (and model please) to be able to correctly read game CD’s for backups. In the old days, Lite On and Toshiba were the best what about nowadays…

I highly doubt any mod’s will sticky this thread, this has been asked asked more times than i care to remember and gets on alot of peoples nerves, please try using the search function first and you will find things like this Which 16x DVD Writer Should I Buy? (MAY 2005)

Sorry and wish I can delete it :o

I think you need some sleep :slight_smile: that post is stickied right at the top of the optical drives section, its one of the the first threads you should come to if you make the effort to look for the answer to your question, its also marked READ FIRST (for obvious reasons)

EDIT - thanks :doh: