Expert Needed

Hi, this is my first post.

I recently bought a LG GSA-H20N DVD Burner and it’s not included in Feurio’s list of hardware so I’ve been unable to create audio CDs ever since. Any thoughts about what should I do?

I also have some general questions:

  • What’s the best software to burn DVDs? (I don’t like Nero)
  • What’s the best player out there to watch videos and DVDs and where can I get all the codecs needed?

Thanks very much.

Welcome to CD Freaks.

There’s a free, simple Audio CD burner in Burrrn ( but I don’t know if the quality will be up to what you want. Also Exact Audio Copy (EAC) is pretty good.

Nero’s fine for burning DVDs actually but CDBurnerXP Pro and Imgburn are free alternatives.

I will second the recommendations of Burrrn for Audio CDs and ImgBurn for DVDs. Burnatonce works well for data or audio CDs. One solution for viewing DVD movies and playing back CDs and other media files is Media Player Classic. You can try just installing the FREEWARE player by itself and later add more codecs if needed. I added some codecs to a desktop machine because my son wanted to use Windows Media Player 11 for DVD playback (no codecs were present on the machine)

VLC and MPC.

Thanks all for your replies but you haven’t really answered me about Feurio :frowning: I don’t want to use another program because Feurio is the only one that allows me to create audio CDs without gaps :smiley:

Thanks [B]gamma1[/B] for the link. I think I’ll stay with BSplayer because I’m not too fond of VLC and MPC but I guess the codecs works for all of them, don’t they?

Is there a ‘light’ version of Nero? The one I have installs too many stuff :sad:

I believe Burnatonce gives you control over the gaps…

The codecs I installed were the Cyberlink codecs (everything that said Cyberlink, as recommended on the K-lite site) and they worked for DVD playback with Windows Media Player 11.

Feurio! has many LG burners in the tested list of burners. If you want to use Feurio! just try using it with the Feurio! Generic MMC-driver. I have used it with several burners that are not in the tested list of burners but they still burned fine with that driver.

@nmpaulcp: I think the problem when I use that Generic Driver is that the option for CD-Text is disabled. And I really want to have CD-Text.

Could you burn CDs with CD-Text?

I never use that function but from what I understand that is a property of the drive not software. The following is from the the Feurio! help.

Feurio Questions & Answers - Questions on CD-TEXT:
Why can’t my writer handle CD-Text?

Question: I want the create CD-TEXT CDs, why can’t Feurio!® do it with my writer? Couldn’t I get a new driver? Or do I need a new writer / new firmware to do this?

Answer:Basically the following applies: Theoretically every writer is capable of creating CD-TEXT CDs - but unfortunately not in practice.
The problem:
The CD-TEXT data is stored in the R-W subchannels of the lead-in. (On a CD there is not only the data but also additional ”Subchannels” with control information).

Although the writers all write a lead-in and also the subchannels, most writers only write zeros in the R-W subchannels! And this can not be affected by the software!
CD-TEXT CDs can not be written unless the software can determine the data written in the R-W subchannels.
In principle it would be possible to enable EVERY Disc-at-Once capable writer to write CD-TEXT-CDs through a firmware update.
Exception: The vendor has “cast” the coding of the subchannels ”in hardware”, i.e. there is no freely programmable microprocessor but the coding of the subchannel is carried out by a fixed logic-switch.

In this case you really can’t do anything from Feurio!®, the vendor will have to carry out a firmware update first!

From: Feurio! CD-Writer online help © by Fangmeier Systemprogrammierung

I used to use Feurio as well, but I consider it a dead project because it has not been updated in over two years. For Audio CD’s, I use Golden Hawk’s CDRWIN along with David Chings’s CDRCue. However, I think you’d be in the same boat because it has been almost a year since CDRWIN was updated and it likely does not support your drive. Burrrn is okay, but like most of the products we are taking about, seems to lack commitment from the author. I often wonder the same about EAC, but it is still the best extractor around.

I agree with everyone on the DVD front, ImgBurn is fabulous.

Another free program for audio cd’s is DeepBurner Free, but I have never bothered with it. Kinda looks like rubbish to me.

Hence why I’m here. I think my writer is capable of writing CD-TEXT because it worked when I used Nero… But I only use Feurio when I want to create a ‘live’ audio CD.

Try using Easy CD-DA Extractor, I have used this also for years. They had a few problems with earlier releases but they have come along way. It does cd text.