Experinceing an odd phenomenon (Stupid Question?)



This may be a stupid question, but…

I used to use Xilisoft CD Ripper and was getting good results until (due to lack of drive bay space) I moved my CD player into an external USB 2.0 case. That caused problems with Xilisoft which needed ASPI drivers, and I ended up changing to Express Rip v1.48 which seems to be doing a good job for me…

But, to me it seems that something odd is happening…

I prefer a Bitrate of 32kbps for minimum file size (I am listening to voice not music) and the MP3 Encoder Setting of Express Rip are set to a constant bitrate of 32. (The is an option for variable bitrate, but I have not selected that option.)

However, when I look at the files later (in MP3 Collector v2.3) they appear to vary in bitrate from 24 to 448! I tried re-encoding all files to 32 (using a MP3 convertor) but the file size did not change (if anything, some of the files got a little bigger), so maybe there really are encoded at 32 and I shouldn’t worry about it. (It seems that all the files are playing fine on my portable player.)

Still, the whole thing bothers me. I would prefer to know that I had consistant bitrate on all files. And, I wish I knew what is going on. Can anyone out there suggest what is going on, and how I can get all the files to “say” they have a bitrate of 32?

Please help if you can. All thoughts and advice will be welcome.