Experimentation with Securom Burning

I have successfully copied Enter the Matrix using several methods. All copies are without emulation and work perfectly (preserving the originals in case of accident). All discs install. Work on all tested CD-Roms and Rw Drives so far. The only thing so is that it takes up to 30 seconds for the game to start unlike originals, but other than that it works great. Blindwrite works great. Alcohol gives mixed results. Clone CD and twinpeak method (using blindwrite BWA builder) is by far the best for this, especially with the CRC errors that come up during installation from some Blindwrite copies (although I have made Blindwrite copies without CRC errors using BWA, Clone CD does not require a BWA for discs 1-3.) Plus, you can make images at your MAX burning speed without making beer coasters out of your discs. Twinpeak method might hold the key to getting exact duplicates by changing the twin sector step. Dunno. Of course, now I have about 5 working Play discs, with more to come from testing new ideas. Listen to previous posts in that Blindwrite 4.25 is “THE” version for Securom New 4.x if you want the non emulated discs. Let me know if anyone else is trying out their own ideas to burn a Securom disc.