Experimental build of Chrome for Android comes with adblocker enabled by default

Originally published at: http://www.myce.com/news/experimental-build-chrome-android-comes-adblocker-enabled-default-82330/

An early beta version of Google Chrome for Android has an ad blocker built-in that is enabled by default. The setting in the so called ‘Canary build’ was discovered by a German blogger who thinks the setting is due to Google’s upcoming ‘Better Ads’ initiative.

I’m going to take a guess and say that Google won’t block their own ads. Rather, they will probably block “annoying” ads from other advertising services while letting their own resource-hungry ads (which will contain huge piles of JavaScript code) annoy those who are sick of surveillance and/or resource-hogging webpages. That way, Google will be able to start laying the foundation for an internet advertising monopoly.

In other news, pretty much every other Android webbrowser either already has an ad blocker installed, or (in the case of Firefox-based browsers) has ad blocking extensions available.

How about Google Android let us users make and edit the hosts file-I think we know what is best for ourselves not what Google think it wants us to have.