Experiment: Storing BD-R: binder vs jewel case


In a cakebox, the weight of each disc lays on the inner ring, the recording surface is not affected, I think.
In a wallet, the recording surface is in contact, too.

I think that in a shrink the disc recording surfaces can easily make contact too when pressed a bit on the edge and cause little scratches. But mostly non probematic for CD-R and DVD-R.
For BD-R this could cause massive read errors… I have not seen any BD-Rs in shrinks, yet.


I have the same theory for a cakebox.

What I don´t know, is it depending on the material in a CD-wallet? Would it be not the problem if I insert also a sheet of paper in the wallet which touches the burning surface?


For the first time ever, I recently purchased a shrink wrapped stack of Taiyo Yuden DVD-R’s. When I opened the shrink wrap to redistribute the blank discs to empty cakeboxes I had saved, I discovered that many of the discs at the top and bottom had scratched recording surfaces. When I alerted the vendor, they offered me the option of discount off the purchased price or return for refund. Since the middle discs were still in new condition, I opted for the discount, however, I will never purchase a shrink wrap again. I never had that kind of problem with a cakebox.

As to the BD-R’s in jewel cases vs wallets. I understand what is being said. But the convenience of wallets is a factor if you have large quantities of discs. I think the quality paper sleeves may be the compromise here and I wonder if there is some cleaning fluid that is safe that could remove whatever plastic residue that seems to affect those discs that have been stored in wallets.


Scans made on 21.07.2018

Disc stored in DVD binder

Disc stored in jewel case


Degrading more and more, big spikes are appearing.


Yes, it seems logical to me. I long ago switched over to consistent slim CD cases. Used to have my CD-Rs in those plastic sleeves - all the data surfaces badly affected by being in contact with the sleeve cover over the years. Definitely go for standardized form of optical media cases - either jewel case or slimline jewel case. Avoid those video CD clamshells as their inner hub by design - if made badly - may brake the disc from inside where data sections start! It did happened to me twice destroying the whole record!