Experiened pro's needed. Best media and burning method to backup movies?



How about this question, i am making back ups of all my dvd movies and i want the best quality, longest lasting way to do it. What program for making back ups of dvd’s is the best these requirements i have( for example clonedvd, dvdshrink, Nero, dvddecrypter etc.) and what program shopuld i not use and why. Also what type of disc(verbatim, sony, memorex etc.) and what brand of disc should i not use and why. My main concern is that i want these backed up movies to last long and be able to play perfectly fine in my player and be durable. And anything else i should know aboutmaking quality backups i should know about?

Here is my current situation:
I rip the movie with clonedvd into an iso that is dvd5 size(about 4.6 gigs) then i burn that iso to a memorex dvd-r that is 4.7 gigs with either nero express or clonedvd.

i would appreciate Any suggestions.


Not Memorex! :disagree: :disagree:

Try some Verbatims, or preferably, Taiyo Yuden. Apart from those discs, I’m quite partial to TDK-branded stuff, and Maxell-branded MAXELL002 (Made in Japan 8x +Rs).

As for software…I just tend to stick with good ol’ DVD Shrink (with all the menus and fluff cut out, needs next to no compression then) - and for the parts that Shrink can’t reach, DVD Fab Decrypter.

You’ll get dozens of different recommendations here, everyone has their favourites! :slight_smile:

(Don’t know what made me click on this, I’m no “experienced pro” by any stretch of the imagination :bigsmile: )


hey im takin in anyones opinion. i just dont want to make a backup, then a year later it wont be able to play on my player.

Anyway what does dvshrink do or decrypter do? clonedvd lets you rip a movie to whatever file size (dvd-r, dvd5 or dvd9) you want, but i cant seem to find where you set the write speed at when i go to burn the movie.


Ditto on this for me as well.

The short answer to software is…whatever works best for your needs. I think you’re going to have to fool with a variety of the software and see… There is reliable freeware out there as well as retail versions, which are available as free trials…I believe the best of these are from Slysoft and Fab…both of which have forums here at cdfreaks. Also, as long as your using quality blank media, as Arachne said, the longevity of the bkups, will be as good as it gets.


Two different topics here:

  1. Longevity of your backups:
    this is media/burner/firmware related, the most important being the media and the way you [I]store [/I]the discs (away from light, humidity and heat).
    The burn must also be good, so you have to find the right media/firmware/burner combination. If you mention your burner you’ll get more useful help in this area. :wink:

  2. Methods/software to use for backing up DVD-video movies.
    You can get much more help in the Copy DVD-movie section. :iagree:

(oh and I’m no “experienced pro” either :bigsmile: )


yeah ill get my burner name and everything when i get home today. probably around 6. whats the easiest way to get all that info of your burner?


Clone DVD DOES NOT let you rip an original movie. It re-encodes, compresses, ect. but you have to use a seperate program to decrypt the movie (ie AnyDVD, DVD Decrypter, DVD Fab, DVD Shrink). As for setting write speed, there really isn’t any need provided you use quality media (as mentioned by Franksoy, DEFINITELY NOT MEMOREX!!!).


Arachne has every thing right on IMO.
I,m no expert either but I suggest rescanning your burns at least once a year. It’s starting to look like they are degrading faster than everyone expected.


Me too. :iagree:


whats this cdspeed test? does this test the disc before it has been written to? or does this test the disc the disc after it has been written to?

also is it always better to set the write speed as low as possible?


You’ll find it in the Nero Toolkit, if you have Nero (but you’d be better off downloading the latest version).

You can create a data disc with it, then scan that, or scan other burned discs. It doesn’t scan blank discs (unless I’m missing something).

Of course, this is where knowing your burner would come in handy - some burners don’t support scanning at all (LG), some do with a bit of tweaking (Pioneer), and some drives…do support scanning (LiteOn, NEC, BenQ…).



what does rescanning burns mean?

Also what decrypt the movie mean? i used clonedvd to rip the matrix into and iso on my pc then burned it on a dvd-r last night and it was fine. so what does decrypting do?


i dotn know what scanning means lol!


lol, this topic seems to be full of non-experienced pro’s :slight_smile:
I’ll post my 2cent’s too to put myself in line :wink:

for the discs [B]Arachne[/B] has suggested good stuff

for the soft I would recommend a combination of tools

  1. DVDDecrypter: in iso-read mode for ripping and decrypting dvd to HD
  2. VOBBlanker: for removing FBI warnings, 20 the century fox and other unwanted stuff
  3. DVDRebuilder with HEnc for re-encoding the movie
  4. DVDDecrypter: in iso-write mode for burning the iso to your -R or +R

I wouldn’t use Shrink as it is a transcoder (removes parts to compress)
an encoder (HEnc) rebuild every frame so delivers better quality every time
have no experience with clone and other soft but can assure you DVDRebuilder is topnotch :slight_smile:


ok is there a big difference from clonedvd to dvddecrypter when ripping the dvd to a iso on my hard drive. because i have clonedvd now and thats hwat i use it for, so is dvddecrypter much of a better dvd ripping software?

What does dvdrebuilder do. if i already have the movie ripped into an iso onto the HD then what would rebuilder do to the movie? or what is it used for in other words?

Is dvdDecrypter superior to burning movies than clonedvd or nero?

Sorry, but i geuss i am an amature haha and want top make sure before i use these programs that they are superior to the ones i have now?


when you scan your disc you can see how the quality of your disc is
the program and more info can be found here:


in one of the posts here someone said

"Clone DVD DOES NOT let you rip an original movie. It re-encodes, compresses, ect. but you have to use a seperate program to decrypt the movie (ie AnyDVD, DVD Decrypter, DVD Fab, DVD Shrink). As for setting write speed, there really isn’t any need provided you use quality media (as mentioned by Franksoy, DEFINITELY NOT MEMOREX!!!).:

i ripped the original matrix with clonedvd.

And as i did alil research, scanning means using cdspeed and testing if there are any errors on the disc right?


The Verbatim, and Taiyo Yuden for media are 100% right on… And nobody knows for sure how long they will last. They have been rated by different tests to last anywhere from 10yrs to 50yrs. By rescanning them (using Nero’s CDSPEED), every couple of years, you can see if there is any degrading of the media. Then you can recopy it to another media before it gets to bad. DVDSHRINK, CLONEDVD, ALCOHOL 120, DVDFABDECRYPTER, and a bunch of other softwares all do a similar and comparable job. It all depends on what settings you use, how much you compress, etc… They key is to use quality materials, and learn any good method (and get good at it), with whatever method you choose.

If you are really serious about it, then do some reading at www.videohelp.com.


hmm i see. i have clonedvd, nero 7 premium, and anydvd right now. as you stated harley, "use quality good materials"
are these quality good materials and can they do everything from decrypt and all the rest of the stuff i wil need?
i know clonedvd decrypted the copy protection for the matrix becuz i was able to rip it onto my HD last night and it also burned to dvd-r and let me choose the size of the resulting ripped iso. But i just want to make sure these software will do that for every movie?


with DVDRebuilder you can select which encoder to use (freeware HEnc and others, shareware CCE, ProCoder) they will give much better results then clone.

Rebuilder can use the files from iso mode, easiest way is to load the iso in Daemon Tools (virtual drive) and let Rebuilder take them from there

homepage of DVDRebuilder: http://dvd-rb.dvd2go.org/