Experiences with the new copy protections

Hi folks:a,

Since the new SafeDisc version was out, it looks like for my hardware to reach the limit .

Tosh 1502 / Plextor 2410 (1.04FW) AMD 900 +, 256 MB, Radeon 7200 (32 MB).

But I attempted a lot and test. Every game I tested runs in any way !
Mohaa, Fifa Worldcup and F1 2002 with the trick that I create an image with the Tosh and CloneCD and select this image once more with the Daemon Tools. Then I burn it with the Plex (taken the settings from Clony) and the Backup runs perfectly in the Tosh!!!

CC Renegade does not function so, but if I put CD 1 in the Plex and at the same moment the CD 2 in the Tosh the game runs perfectly. But don’t forget " Hide CD-R" enabled !

Unfortunately, GP 4, Warcraft III and GTA 3 runs only in the Plex with " Hide CD-R" enabled (Everyone knows !), but then without problems. If nothing runs than take the Daemon Tools, because herewith everything runs well !!!

Other tested games without every problems in my Tosh are “Global Operations” and “Pro Skater 3”.

As Clone version I always take the newest one. Together with Clone I have on the PC (Sorry to Future Proof) WinOnCD 5 from Roxio and Feurio (The BEST for audio!). Profiles always taken from
Clony XXL !

So long for today

Saves the private copy ! (First of all if you’ve childrens !!!)

Well if you have been using AWS when doing your back-ups your result is normal. Plextor writers have been known to work very well with the AWS function and can create a woking back-up that works in a Toshiba DVD-Rom drive. Not everyone has the same results but my Plextor PX-W4012TU and PX-320A both have the same behaviour as your 24x Plextor drive.