Experiences with Ritek R04 16x +R media?



I’ve been less than thrilled with G05 and R03 media, they seem to be lacking compared to G04 in its prime, and with falling prices on TY media, I’ve almost given up on Ritek completely. Still for 16x media, it’s cheaper than equivalent TY media by about 25-40% so I guess there’s still some reason to consider it.
If anyone has any they bought and had a chance to do some quality tests, or just your subjective quality assessment, I’d like to hear what you think.


I can’t tell about Ritek, but Verbatim and Ricoh (this one less expensive) are great options :slight_smile:


How much more does the 16x TY media cost over the 8x in the US.

I have not come across 16x TY in the UK.


I don’t think it it is on sale now.


Yeah, I guess it’s not fair to call it “equivalent” TY media, but the 8x +R TY media burns at higher than its rated speed on my NEC 3500. If they cost the same, I’d never buy any of the Ritek media, even if it’s officially rated at 16x (unless a lot of people and a lot of testing shows that r04 is as reliable as TY at the same price or less.)
Good point about the Ricoh and MCC options, the made in Singapore MCC spools that I get are a tiny notch below TY media on PI/PIF tests, but theyre reliably good, so I get that in addition to TY media.
Ricoh media seems pretty rare, where would I get some in the US that burns as reliably as MCC or TY (12x or 16x actual burns on a NEC 3500?) Are inkjet printable Ricoh discs available?