Experiences with Plextor PX-891SAF PLUS

Hello to everyone,
I recently bought a Plextor 891SAF plus and doing a research on how to use it best and how to judge the cd-r on the market I also found the information published on this forum.
So I want to thank the participants for their valuable contributions.
The first thing I did is update the firmware from KI to KN.
I burned some cds and some didn’t fit my hifi player.
Through PlexTools I have run the tests and get the best results with cd burned at 16 ~ 24x, unfortunately my player refuses to read cd burned at 16x and 24x.
In supported media list of Plextor PX-891SAF PLUS I have seen that the minimum burn speed for all cd-r is 8x, however cd-rw is 4x and i would be curious to test the result on my hifi player.
I have no experience with cd-rw so I have some questions,

  1. can cd-rw be burned and closed like a cd-r?
  2. Someone has experience of cd-rw used to listen to music on their stereo system, not played by the computer player connected to the stereo.
  3. with which type** of cd-r did you get the best results?
    ** Yes i am i am aware that some of the best cd-r like taiyo yuden are nowhere to be found, so the question is about the types of cd-r that are on the market / that are for sale.
  1. Yes, but at lower speeds

  2. Depends on the CD-Player. Very old CD-player will have problems to read RW because of the lower reflectivity. If a DVD-Player is used it should most works

  3. Rarely used CD-R in the last 15 years, hope some other user can help you in that.

I´m sure the most 4x CD-RWs will be burned at this speed if the writer works with it.

I asked the parent company of my hifi player,
they said there is no problem using cd-rw.
the important thing is to burn at low speed.
I started looking for cd-rw at low speed it seems to me that there is little or nothing around.

It will be hard to find today old 4x CD-RWs, but 10x-12x maybe still available.

CD-RWs can mostly only burned at rated speed (IME most 12x only worked at 120x for me, but that´s long time ago)

And I think “low speed” isn´t very detailed, if I compare with CD-R 52x the speed of 10x CD-RW is low.

I was thinking of another way …
Regarding the low speed burn, I don’t understand if

  1. the minimum write speed is set by the type / brand of the burner based on its HW capabilities, or,

  2. it is the cd-r that commands and tells the burner through the Atip information.

for case 1) there would be nothing to do to get a low write speed even with old cd-r like the Philips cd-r74 Silver Premium Professional which could be burned at 1x.

But if that’s the case 2) then we would need a program that ignores the speeds imposed by the Atip code and finally get the low speed burn.


  1. If the drive can only burn 4x it can´t burn 10x

  2. If the ATIP is in the firmware of the drive the media tells the burner which write speeds allowed.

IIRC my first 4x CD-burner (Sony-made HP) was able to burn every CD-R media 1x, 2x and 4x. Not sure about RWs with lower speed than 4x, never had this. All my RWs were 4x, which was the only speed I could choose. Philips don´t support 1x with their 4x-writers, lowest speed with CD-R was 2x.

Not sure when it began, but my faster writers don´t allow to low or to high speeds with the media. It could be exceptions if the ATIP was not in the FW, but can´t remember whether I had this case.

The most DVD-writers have not many CD-R-ATIPs in the FW, if the ATIP is unknown the only burn speed is mostly 16x

i did a quick search and found that alchool 120 has an option to override cd-r speed limits.
anyone has experience with Alchool 120 and can you confirm?

I know a similar function in CDBurnerXP. It let me chosse other speeds than the combination of drive/media allows, but it never worked for me.

And I´m not sure whether a lower speed really leads to better quality. Which parameters for burning a drive could use if it don´t have parameters for it?

BTW, I forgot to write that if a DVD-writer only allows the typical 16x speed it mostly don´t have a writing strategy for this media, it uses a default strategy which can work or not

i am using CdBurnerXP, it was supplied in the package of Plextor, on first burn the minimun default speed was 8x, i set 2x but the cd was burned at 16x.
I just want to have the chance to try, for obtain the better compromise with my audio Player.