Experiences with dvdfab and blu-ray movies

ÃŽ just wanted to post here my experiences with dbdfa and blu-ray movies. I tried to copy some of my blu-ray movies with dvdfab. There are very different results: Tinkerbell and “The fantastic 4 vol. 2” can be perfectly copied. I think some of the newer movie titles are extremely well protected. Madagascar 2: dvdfab starts reading and the shutting down.
Bolt: dvdfab starts reading and copying to folder. But becomes slower and slower. In the beginning about 3 MB/sec, falls to 0.02MB/sec. Strange phenomene.
Batman the dark knight: dvdfab starts reading. Sometimes it says that there are 96GB to copy. Very strange and absolutely not possible. Anyway, dvdfab is shutting down before it started to copy.
I am still a newbie, but maybe this post can help other people.