Experienced pro's needed. Best software/media to use for dvd backup?



Hey thanks guys,

How about this question, i am making back ups of all my dvd movies and i want the best quality, longest lasting way to do it. What program for making back ups of dvd’s is the best these requirements i have( for example clonedvd, dvdshrink, Nero, dvddecrypter etc.) and what program shopuld i not use and why. Also what type of disc(verbatim, sony, memorex etc.) and what brand of disc should i not use and why. My main concern is that i want these backed up movies to last long and be able to play perfectly fine in my player and be durable. And anything else i should know aboutmaking quality backups i should know about?

Here is my current situation:
I rip the movie with clonedvd into an iso that is dvd5 size(about 4.6 gigs) then i burn that iso to a memorex dvd-r that is 4.7 gigs with either nero express or clonedvd.

i would appreciate Any suggestions.


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