Experienced Nero Users - Need some help

I’m new to Nero and I’m so confused. I’m simply wanting to burn files from my computer one by one onto a CD. For example I’d like to put all of my text files on a disk, all of my photos on a disk, all my mp3 files on a disk, etc so I can free up some space on my hard drive. My delima is after putting all of these files on separate disks and wanting to add more from my hard drive, how do I go about doing this? I’ve somewhat read the help files on the Nero program and it’s really over my head (eq mutil sessions, non-mutisession, juliet or not, iso’s, etc etc). And also, if I want to go back and delete something off of one of those cd’s later without adding anything new, how do I go about that? I don’t see like and update button or anything like that. I know I probably sound like and idiot, but I in all honesty, I am when it comes to this program. Please help in any way you can. Thanks

What is “packet” writing?

This method allows you to write data to a CD in small increments instead of large blocks as with disk-at-once and track-at-once. It eliminates the session closing overheads inherent in the multisession method of adding data to a disk in more than one write. However, you cannot write CD-DA (aka Red Book) audio disks using packet writing. With packet writing, you can use your CD-R just like a hard drive. With packet writing, there is no need to open or close a session each time data is written, which means even the CD-R novice should be able to copy data to CD with relative ease.


InCD/DirectCD - warning

How to backup a database using InCD

I believe the above quote should only refer to CD-RW (rewriteable CDs). I don’t believe you can delete files from a CD-R (writeable CD). To do what you need to do (add and delete files) you will need a program like InCD. There are others, but InCD is usually bundled with Nero. You will also need CD-RW disks. After you install InCD and insert a CD-RW, you will be able to drag and drop files onto your CD or delete them from Explorer or any other file browser.

yep, the above only applies to CD-RWs, which is what u’ll need if u want to be able to erase what u’ve already burned onto a cd. packet writing software (like the aforementioned InCD) will be needed in order to use the CD-RW like a floppy (ie: make it drag & drop capable as well as enable specific file deletion). u can also burn them like regular cdrs without using packet writing software and erase the (entire) contents whenever u feel like it.

about ur question on how to add more files to a cd that has already been burned, u need to make sure that u choose “Start Multisession Disc” when u first burn a cd with nero, which allows u to add more files to the cd until it’s full. to continue adding files, just take the cd u’ve already burned and choose “Continue Multisession Disc.”

I know I probably sound like and idiot, but I in all honesty, I am when it comes to this program.

we were all idiots at one point. :bigsmile:

The multisession method does allow you to “delete” a reference to a file, but you do not re-gain the space on the desc. Look at the options on the multisession tab and you will see the choices. But it does appear that the OP is thinking more along the lines of UDF, ie: InCD.
Unfortunately, InCd is an unreliable way to store data, be sure to make 2 copies of everything. If you really need more HD space that bad, get a larger HD!