Experienced dvdr users , I´m buying mi first dvdr, need your advice!

Hi to everyone!, great forum you got goin on in here.
Well I’m new to this forum and I would need some advice for buying a dvd recorder. I just know the very basics about dvd recorders so that’s why I would need your advice in picking a device from the ones below.

these are the things i need to be sure about:

1)Reading: I´m planing to use it as main media reading device for a while ( does it need to be region fre or something to read dvd movies, I’m on argentina region think it’s region 3)
2)Recording: I´m planing to burn dvds mainly for data storage, make dvd movie back ups in a future (whenever I learn how to)
3)I´m planing to keep on recording cd-r for a once in a while
4)Need good compatibility with media brands
5) Support : firmware upgradable

The ones i got to chose from:

DVD-RW LG GSA-4120B DL 12x
DVD-RW Samsung TS-H552 DL 16x
DVD-RW LG GSA-4160B DL 16x
DVD-RW Nec ND3520A DL 16x
DVD-RW Pioneer DVR-108D DL 16x
DVD-RW Pioneer DVR-109D DL 16x

Well that’s all for now, I thak you all beforehand just for reading this, since you get this kinda threads a lot a guess, I´m not a cd freak :bow: but I just giving the first step :slight_smile: , be patient.

PS: I read the sticky thread about which dvdr to buy, but it didn´t hepl much, sorry

Greatings from Argentina.

Get the LG 4163B or Nec 3520A these are both good drives.

Thanks for answering.

Dont forget there is also the BenQ1620 its another good drive too.

Well finally i decided to go for the Lg GSA 4163B, after reading some reviews i chose this one over the Pioneer 109d and the Nec 3520. Wanted a dvdr that can handle cds as good as dvds plus some extra feature that could make it worthy buying. Even though the pioneer supports higher speeds in DL media I think the LG manages to keep up since it’s faster than Pioneer and Nec, plus I liked the bitsetting capabilities, and the good cd handling and dvd error correction the lg has . Correct me if I’m wrong.

thx for answering Cya