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I am using Auto GK to compress down backups of my DVD’s. I am trying to get file size down to between 700mb 1gb. Is there any software that compress sharper cleaner images? I heared of this H.264 codec. (Hope I got the name right) I tried it once but it would only play in1 media player and would not play the file on my dvd player. Can some experienced people please shed some light on the issue of compressing small, good and very playable codec? Thanks much.

It depends on what your player is capable of…

it has played Divx, XVID, Mp3’s, WMV, DVD.

From a Google’s search:

“H.264, also known as MPEG-4 AVC (Advanced Video Coding), is a video compression standard that offers significantly greater compression than its predecessors. The standard is expected to offer up to twice the compression of the current MPEG-4 ASP (Advanced Simple Profile), in addition to improvements in perceptual quality. The H.264 standard can provide DVD-quality video at under 1 Mbps, and is considered promising for full-motion video over wireless, satellite, and ADSL Internet connections.”

As chef said, it depends on your player if you can use H.264 (a varainat of Mpeg.4) or not - it seems to go your way - small and good quality.

But I don’t see even Mpeg 4 in your list…and the list of home players that can handle H.264 is not that large yet.

Here is a list:

So what is some good software that can render out using this codec? Why can my players not play the file?

Your thoughts?

My thoughts are that you should not create a new thread for the same question please - just have some patience…

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As for your question: try FairUse Wizard - it’s free if your encodings can stay below 700 MB and it will handle H.264 if you have the codec.

How good is the quality? I was not aware I created to same posts.

I’ve used FairUse for a while now and find its XviD/DivX encodings very good indeed. However to date I haven’t tried H.264 so can’t advise you on that.

Quality assessments are best done by the person viewing the material - it’s obviously very subjective and one person’s opinion of what is good might differ from another’s. I recommend you try it out for yourself.

CloneDVD Mobile does a decent job & will play on divx standalone. Have tried nero’s recode digital & it does a good job but wouldnt play on dvd player. Only computer would play it.

I am trying to figure out what software I can use to try the H.264 codec?

BTW. I figured out how to convert Nero recode back to avi to play on standalone. The quality is good until you compress a 2 hour movie down to about 1gb. Any more then that and it gets really blocky in some parts.

I also used clone dvd mobile as well a while back. It is quick and decent quality but you suffer when it comes to size.

I looked at that fair use program. Do you need to convert your dvd to iso 1st? I tried loading vob file. Would not work.

I am really trying to find a DVD backup method worth it’s salt. I tried using H.264 codec in staxrip on a 3 min clip as a test. It looked really nice. My only issue is the massive time it took. Took 15 mins on a 3 min clip. I am looking for good quality with good size (2 hour movie with a file size between 700mb and 1gb).

Program I have tried and failed with are

Clone DVD Mobile
AutoGK - Worked fine but looking for little better quality
Staxrip - H.264 only - Quality is what I want but faster speeds
DR. Divx - Was just ok
Nero Recode - Sharper image. Close to what I am after. In some parts it gets really blocky. Mainly where there is gradients or alot of detail.
And a few other copy cats.

I would really appreciate some help on this issue. I Really could use a good solution for backing up my DVD’s without having to buy 20 hard drives.
I know there is good compression and impressive file sizes. I have seen it. Just seems impossible to find what, how and for how much. :slight_smile: Help me!

@FLOPBUSTER: I have asked you already not to start a new thread for essentially the same question. How do you expect other people to help when they have to read other threads to get the detailed information on what has been tried, and when?

You can consider this a final warning :cop:. Keep all your questions about encodingDVD-Video to XviD/DivX/H.264 in this thread please.

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With FairUse Wizard you need a physical DVD disc or an ISO image. It won’t work with .vob files.

Many thanks imkidd57 for the mention of fairuse. Just tried it with the free version that only goes up to 700mb but this program is fantastic even with just the 700mb. Just did a test with it of mission impossible 3 which is about a 2 hr. movie I think & I couldnt believe the quality. Have been using auto gordian knot & clone dvd mobile and they arent even close to this quality using the same MB. Also this software recognizes dual processors. It did take about 2 hours to do but I dont care I love the quality. Cant wait to put 6 of my favorite movies on one DVD (yes 6 aint technology great) and lay on the couch & sip suds on Sunday and not have to get up to chang movies. Am gonna spring for the full version for 20 bucks. Boys & girls you gotta try this program. Its great. :bow: Used xvid option & it plays perfect on my Phillips 642 standalone. Looking forward to trying the H264 option.

Update, just finished writing 6 movies (10 1\2 hrs. on 1 dvd+rw) plays perfect on my 642 phillips divx player. Had it set on automatic for all movies for xvid & depending on the size of the movie the screen sizes were 464x336, 608x336, 560x400, 608x256. All really look good on dvd player. Nothing else has even come close when using 700MB.
Will post back when I try H264 option. Dont know whether this will play on standalone without conversion or not. We’ll see.

Thanks for sharing your experience! I liked the quality to after trying. The quality is about the same at faster speeds using Nero recode. I’m impressed with both programs. Let me know how the H.264 compression does for ya. I bet it takes alot longer.