Experience with TYG02 @low speeds, anyone?



I have a JVC DR-M10 standalone recorder which only writes @1X (no HD).

Until now I’ve been using TYG01 and RitekG04 with very good results. I can’t find any TYG01 anymore (online) where I live, so I was wondering if anyone had experience with TYG02 burnt at very low speeds…? :confused:

In theory, the laser used on these machines allows better burns at lower speeds than if burnt at low speeds on a PC drive, but then again.??


It really depends on the burner. It has to have proper firmware support for the media.
You can see my tests with a Panasonic recorder HERE In general, it’s better to burn DVD+R at low speed than it is DVD-R, YMMV.


Thanks rdgrimes, I’ve checked the thread you link to and it’s quite interesting.

From the more than correct results that you’ve got even with TYG03 on your Panasonic, I think I can give TYG02 a go on my JVC, no big deal.
Just that I don’t have anymore TYG02 left here, I’m using mostly MCC03RG20 Verbs for my PC now, the standalone drive doesn’t do a very nice job with these Verbs, so I have to order some discs for this puppy, just have to decide which ones… :doh:

The M10 doesn’t record to +R… :sad:

If the TYG02 don’t give good results on the JVC recorder, at least I know they’ll be great on my PC drives :cool:


Almost entirely off topic, but I have tested Verbatim 16 DVD-R (MCC 03RG20) at 1x in my Sony RDR-HX910 HDD/DVD Recorder, and the result is excellent. The same is true for Verbatim 16x DVD+R (MCC004) at 1x in the same recorder. It must be said however, that this is the latest generation recorder, so the firmware probably has specific writing strategies for these media.


I guess so. I’ve already tried some 16X - R Verbs in my JVC recorder but the results are so-so. In specs, but not really satisfying in my book. No F/W upgrade seems available for this recorder.

:smiley: Just tried with MCC02RG20 Verbs, good results. Lots of PIFs (total count) but levels are totally OK. :smiley: I’ll probably go for these.

If only I could find a shop selling those Plextor TYG02 so I could buy a single one and try it on this recorder… :a - I didn’t save one from my last batch, silly me! :bigsmile:

About being off-topic, this is entirely my fault. :o - but as I wanted feedback specifically about TYG02 at low speeds, I didn’t feel like posting my question in the “standalone recorder” section… sorry mods :flower: , move it if it must be moved…



I just received my last order of TYG02… and gave it a go in my JVC.

Not the greatest scans, but in my book this is good, the PIF figures are totally OK, even excellent actually. I don’t care much about PIE figures anymore, especially with the NEC 3540A as a scanner :bigsmile: