Experience with NeroDirectoryContainer ? (NeroDirectoryContainer.AddFile fails)

I’m having problems writing a data CD using the container classes, like the NeroFileSystemDescContainerClass, NeroDirectoryContainer and NeroDirectoryEntryContainer.
I am programming in C#, using the NeroCOM v1.1 API. I can successfully create a NeroFileSystemDescContainer, I successfully obtain the root dir, but adding a file to the route dir using AddFile2 doesn’t work. The NeroDirectoryEntryContainer object that is returned by the AddFile2 function seems to be empty.

Example code:

content = new NeroFileSystemDescContainerClass();

content.Name2 = “TESTNERO”;

NeroDirectoryContainer rootdir = content.RootDirectoryContainer;

NeroDirectoryEntryContainer newFile = rootdir.AddFile2(“REPORT.DOC”, “D:\TempCD\REPORT.DOC”, -1 ,-1);

// This line throws an exception
MessageBox.Show("Added file " + newFile.Name);

There seems to be a problem with this issue. It will be fixed in the upcoming version.