Experience with Borland C++ Builder 6 and NeroAPI

Good evening all,
This is my first post and i’d firstly like to wish all a happy new year ( i hope your all going to get pickled and not be posting to this forum on new years eve!).

Anyway, down to business. I have an applicacation for an application for backing up network drives to a dvd based on a schedule. I’ve tried LOTS of backup apps, but none meet all of my needs, so since i’m reasonably experienced in using BCB6 and having discovered the NeroSDK, thought i’d try it out. But NO…it appears that the lib i need to include might be COFF and that the “decorations” may not be compatible!(ie MS Visual C++ 6 stylie)…dohh. I’d really like to use the nero solution - such good software - it always has been the most accessible burning pckg.

Best regards

Alex S