Experience installing NEC ND-6650A

As a newbie, this forum has been extremely informative and kept me out of trouble, so I thought I should relate my experience installing the drive in the removable bay on an old Dell Inspiron 4100 (Dell’s A12 bios, XP SP2+, 512MB, Hitachi 80GB Travelstar).

  • The front of the OEM drive (SAMSUNG CD-RW/DVD) has a curved and removable panel/cover. As far as I can tell, the flat front of the ND drive is not removable. If it can be removed safely, and the curved cover installed I would appreciate someone telling me how!

Anyway, I am kind of like Inspector Clouseau with tools. :doh: Not wanting to risk breaking the ND drive tray tring to remove and replace the flat panel, I did a little filing/carving on the right side of the drive bay opening and was able to get a fairly nice looking fit.

  • Using the OEM version of Nero (v6.3), I was not able write DVDs with the ND version 1.23 firmware. After seeing some posts here referring to conflicts with old Roxio pieces and parts, I used DavidW’s suggestions for cleaning up the registry. See:


  • To be doubly sure, I also used the RoxioZapper mentioned elsewhere in this forum. It is available at

  • Thus far, I have only used Verbatum CD and DVD+R media and have had very good results. I am not doing any DL burning at this time, but expect to do so in the near future.

  • I am presently running Nero 6.6 and have used NECFLASH to flash the ND 1.23 firmware to Iggy’s 162_orig.bin version. Note and follow all the cautions provided with the downloads and you should be ok.

Many many thanks to all the folks who contribute to this forum! :bow: :clap:



The faceplate of the NEC 6650A can be easily removed by ejecting the disk tray and locating and then unlatching the small clips. You should be able to see the clips far left and right side once you have ejected the disk tray.

I will add that the OEM drive’s clips may not line up with the NEC’s which means you’re out of luck. This happened with my eMachines laptop. Like yourself, I whittled away at my NEC faceplate to get the desired effect.