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I’m somewhat surprised at the slow performance of DVDFab and am wondering whether it might be something with my system.

I ripped a DVD to harddisk and then used DVDFab to convert it to WMV (xbox360 profile), also on disk. It finished after 10 hours! Final fps was 3.67. This seems really slow to me.
Or is this the norm?

Machine is a Dell 9100 (P4 3GHz, 2.5GB RAM, Vista32, SATA harddrives). The CPU runs around 80-100%, no other tasks take any sigificant CPU or I/O bandwidth.

Thanks for any help.

  • Clutchplate


…is this the norm?


what is your hard drive speed?


Diskspeed doesn’t seem to work on my system… The disk drop down is empty and if I write C: into it, and click Test it fills all the boxes with N/A.


The disk drop down is empty and if I write C: into it, and click Test it fills all the boxes with N/A.

this is what happens, just wait a few minutes. please try again.

edit// the test only takes 15 secs to run on my slow system.


That’s weird. The UI on this app is a little confusing. At first I thought you choose the drive on the dropdown and the click Test. But your message seems to indicate that one runs the test and then chooses the drive?

Either way, I clicked on Test and after 30 minutes nothing had changed, ell the fields read N/A and the combobox was still empty. Process Explorer showed that the app was not doing any I/O and was not using any CPU…

The disks are fast, though, and I was using two physical disks, one as source and one as destination. I don’t think disk speed is the issue, I’ve used VOB2MPG and DVDShrink before and they usually take around an hour to convert a movie.

  • Lutz


I’ve got almost the exact same problem. I’m using Platinum trying to rip from DVD to WMV and I’m currently up to 91% done after 16 hours. The CPU is at 100% with a burst of HD activity every few seconds and maybe once a minute the DVD drive gets accessed. Its doing 3.5 fps.

What’s typical speed for this kind of function?


What’s typical speed for this kind of function?[/QUOTE]

CPU plays a big facter :bigsmile:
Slow CPU = Slow Rip / Convert and or Burn
easy as that


Well, of course CPU makes a difference, a 3GHz P4 shouldn’t run this slow. This would make DVDFab the lamest, slowest ripper/converter I’ve ever used.
I can use DVDShrink and get at least 20-30fps… There is clearly something wrong here, but it seems no-one can help…


Hi Clutchplate,

Sorry for your trouble. There’s nothing “normal” about a 10 hour conversion and I suspect there is nothing wrong with your system.

My rig is fairly close to yours…a 3 yo custom build, P4 3GHz, 2 GB corsair DDR RAM, 4 SATA hdds, running XP Pro SP2.
A far cry from leading edge, but hardly a dinosaur.

My times are as follows:
DVD to DVD…10 - 20 minutes total rip and burn.
DVD to Ipod mpeg4 ((h264 + aac profile) about 1 hour or less, maybe 1 1/2 on a few flicks.
Just tried BOONDOCK SAINTS with this profile…encoding 50-60 fps…sustained

So I tried the same flick with xbox360.wmv (default settings).
It seemed to start off ok, but dropped like a stone.
Within 5 minutes it was < 10 fps and still dropping.

I’ll try to get Ting (Fengtao’s DVD to Mobile guru) to take a look.
In the interim, maybe signals or one of the other knowledgable “Mobile” members will have an idea.
Sorry I can’t be more help, but I don’t know beans about this.
But it’s definitely not you or your rig…


Thanks for your reply.

Yes, I’m seeing that, too, it starts off really fast at around 50fps and then drops after a few seconds. Maybe it’s a problem with the WMV encoder, then? Hopefully someone on the development team can take a look or investigate.

I’d really like to buy this app, it does almost everything I need, but I don’t want to to wait that long for a rip/convert :slight_smile:

  • Lutz



I think there must be have some problem in so slow encode speed, but I have do a test using DVDFab and other WMV encode app, the encode fps all just in 9 - 10 fps when using xbox360 profile.


Hi Ting,

Thanks for responding.
I know the folks using the WMV encoder appreciate your efforts in trying to resolve this.
You and Fengtao are the best…:iagree: