Expected LiteON SHM-165P6S, got LG GSA-H20N

Hi All,
I just got a replacement drive for my faulty SONY DW-G120A (LiteON SHM-165P6S) but they sent me an LG GSA-H20N.
The specs of the drive seem almost identical with it being DVD+/-R DL upto 8x and also support for DVD-RAM.
My only gripe is that I can’t do a quality scan with the drive like I could with the LiteON (only benchmark test works with the LG in Nero CD/DVD Speed).

Does anyone know what the quality of the LG burning is campared to the LiteON? Do you think I should get back to the supplier and see if I can get the SONY/LiteON drive instead, I’m quite gutted about it not being able to scan disc quality.

I also own a Toshiba/Samsung SH-D162c DVD ROM drive and a Pioneer DVR-109 DVD burner. Can either of the work for disc quality testing in CD/DVD Speed or K-Probe?

Thanks in advance :cool:

Anyone??? Do I need a different drive to do disc quality scans in Nero CD Speed or K-Probe?

LG burns quite well but it won’t do any quality scans. :frowning:
Try to get a LiteOn as a replacement.

(Your Samsung and Pioneer will not be reliable scanners - the results cannot be compared easily.)

I don’t know about that specific model, but the LG drives I’ve owned have been quality burners. But as you’ve noticed, that downside is lack of quality scanning capabilities.

Bottom line is, yes you’ll need a different drive to quality scan with KProbe or CD-DVD Speed, as I wouldn’t personally scan with a DVD-ROM or a Pioneer drive (but that’s just me). :slight_smile:

Thankyou both. I will try and get a replacement LiteON as suggested.

Thanks again :clap: