Expected file name format?

I’ve done a search here and can’t find anything that answers my question.

I’m trying to use Nero Express to burn audio wav files to CD. Artist and track info is not being written to CD with the wav file.

Going into: More\Configure\Plugin lookup…\Artist/Title Information Source…\ Get Artist/Title Information

I’m told that the EXPECTED FILE NAME FORMAT is:

(Left Arrow)ARTIST(Right Arrow) (Left Arrow)delimiter(Right Arrow) (Left Arrow)TITLE(Right Arrow) . (Left Arrow)ext(Right Arrow)
{If I use the arrow symbols everything but the dot disapears in the post.}

I’ve tried using the format:
Artist - Album - ## - Title

When the tracks are added, ‘Artist’ is going into the Artist colum while ‘Album - ## - Title’ is going into the Title colum. I could live with that. The problem is that WMP is only reading the tracks as ‘Track##’ with the time. Aparently the Artist/Title info is not being written to the CD.

Can anyone give me an example of what a correct file name format should look like to get the Artist/Title info written to CD with its wav file?

Thx for any help with this.