Expanded inputs and squashed wide screen pictures

I’m looking for a way to expand the inputs to a LiteOn 5006. This would probably be another box with 5-10 separate video and audio inputs into it, and this box would then be plugged in as a single input to the LiteOn 5006. I would choose whatever input source was wanted by using the new box. The LiteOn wouldn’t know and wouldn’t need to know what it was receiving.

Does anybody know where to find such a thing?

An unrelated question: when I use a component hookup (RGB plugs) from a sony dvd player into a samsung satellite dish hd receiver/decoder, I can’t get the right aspect on screen size. My wide screen is wide enough but not tall enough. Any suggestions?

Thanks! I’m a newbie all right…

Thier are all kinds of switch a/v switch boxses like that ranging from pretty cheap to very expensive. Here is one with 4 inputs that automatically switches to whatever source has a signal.
here is a 3 way with manual switch.
A few more
This one has 6 inputs and only costs 40$ (though you could probably find one cheaper if you really tried hard).
Should be easy to find, radio shack 5 input, 2 output 30$

4 in 1 out at walmart for 18$

Thier are a million variations to these and if you don’t mind spending some money thier are all kinds of really nice ones with lots of inputs.
Try googleing component video switch or something like that.